The website of the environment agency with aviation meteorological information will be updated

The Environmental Agency has completed several projects and work necessary to update the website, related to aviation meteorological services. The final testing is currently underway and the Agency expects the opinions, suggestions and assessments from the users of the updated website.

The site will be safer, the design of the new web page will change and will be more user-friendly, the usability with smart devices will be improved. The website will still contain operational meteorological data (OPMET), significant weather charts (WAFC, SIGWX), information from radars and meteorological satellites. On our new web page, lightning strikes can also be monitored alongside with percipitation radar data.

The web page with a new design can be found:

The official source of information remains on the web site with a web address However, we kindly ask you to try out the updated site, as it will become the main one in the near future.

If you have suggestions, comments or complaints related to the updated web page, please send them to: